Isofoton, SolarEdge Partner To Develop Power-Harvesting System


Isofoton and SolarEdge have signed a joint partnership agreement for the development of an integrated power-harvesting solution designed to maximize power generation throughout the solar life cycle, while reducing complexities and costs.

The companies have also signed a joint customer agreement with France-headquartered Blue Ice, whose headquarters will soon feature a 250 kW PV system on its roof based on SolarEdge's power-harvesting solution.

The installation will include 48 SolarEdge 5 kW inverters and 1,137 Isofoton 220 W monocrystalline modules equipped with SolarEdge PowerBoxs (ASIC-equipped, smart junction boxes). All equipment will be pre-assembled by Isofoton prior to delivery on-site.

SOURCE: SolarEdge

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