Italy’s New Solar FIT Law Increases System Registration Obligations


Italy's government has signed into law its fifth Conto Energia, which governs the country's solar feed-in-tariff (FIT) policy. The law officially goes into effect Aug. 27.

Under the new Conto Energia, smaller-scale PV installations must be registered in order to participate in the incentives, according to analysis from Germany-based market research firm EuPD Research.

Exceptions are made for systems up to 50 kW if the roof has been completely decontaminated of asbestos, systems up to 12 kW, and systems between 12 kW and 20 kW if they relinquish 20% of their remuneration. Public-sector systems, as well as system costing under 50 million euros that use ‘innovative technologies,’ are also excepted.

According to EuPD Research, the latest Conto Energia reflects a ‘conscious decision on the part of the government’ to emphasize small-scale decentralized systems. Open-space installations are now permitted to receive funding only if they are located on public property or begin operation before Sept. 21.

FIT funding available has been officially divided into several tranches, with the first 140 million euro available for six months until Feb. 26, 2013, and the second tranche of 120 million euro available following six months. All other tranches will be released in installments of 80 million euros until the entire 700 million euro sum set aside has been paid out.

However, EuPD Research adds, the Italian government may have already exhausted its Conto Energia funds for the remainder of 2012 under the previous Conto Energia.

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