iTi Forms Solar Division


Boulder, Colo.-based imaging Technology international (iTi) Corp. has created iTi Solar, an equipment manufacturing division established to advance the development of precision industrial ink-jet systems that enable solar cell producers to improve production efficiency and reduce manufacturing costs.

According to the company, ink-jet is emerging as a key enabling application printing technology that advances manufacturing processes and the production of highly efficient, low-cost solar cells for both silicon-based and next-generation thin-film photovoltaic cells. Ink-jet fabrication techniques, combined with thin-film photovoltaics, provide significant advantages compared with leading silicon alternatives.

Ink-jet systems minimize materials usage and waste through the use of non-contact, digitally controlled and additive applications – increasing manufacturing efficiencies and reducing costs, iTi Corp. explains. In addition, the non-contact nature of ink-jet deposition results in less damage to materials – minimizing waste while offering compatibility with a wide array of higher-efficiency substrate materials.

SOURCE: iTi Corp.

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