Jennings, Colvin Join Plan It Solar


Plan It Solar – a provider of system design, sales, installation and community education – has recently expanded its team by hiring solar contractor Andrew Jennings as commercial sales department manager and Cathy Colvin as a solar project manager.

Jennings will lead the sales team, with a strong focus on designing efficient solar systems for the commercial buildings in a six-county region of northern California. As a proficient solar contractor bringing experience in on-grid, off-grid, and solar water pumps, he is responsible for installing 3,000 solar panels during his solar career.

Colvin has 27 years' experience owning, managing and administering business and nonprofit organizations. She previously ran her own business and political consulting company with a focus on global environmental issues. Recently, she managed and developed a year-long research project focused on worldwide carbon footprints, greehouse gas emissions, renewable energy trends and eco-tourism.

SOURCE: Plan It Solar

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