Jenoptik Receives Order For PV Production System


Jenoptik Automatisierungstechnik GmbH, the Jenoptik Group's lasers and material processing division, has received an order for its photovoltaic production systems from a customer in Taiwan.

The order, which comprises a total of four systems, will provide equipment for the manufacturing process of thin-film solar cells. The customer's new production line is the first step in an expansion of manufacturing capacity to 350 MW per year in the medium term.

Jenoptik is equipping the new production line with all systems required for the structuring processes and laser-edge deletion. The system for laser-edge deletion will additionally be fitted with functionality for selective deletion of the busbar vias and, for the first time, with a laser drilling unit for the junction boxes. This process replaces mechanically drilled holes with the advantages typical of laser processes: faster and cleaner production in comparison with mechanical-contacting processes, Jenoptik says.

The systems will be delivered this fall.

SOURCE: The Jenoptik Group

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