JETprotect Launches Chase 8 Security Camera Equipment


JETprotect, a provider of surveillance equipment and analytics for solar farms and other applications, has introduced Chase 8, an outdoor stacking precision pan and tilt camera positioner for pointing lenses.

According to the company, the unit can aim two 12 kg cameras and high-intensity lights at a speed of 60 degrees per second to within .01 degree on an 8-inch diagonal frame. Because the camera is designed for stacking, other 20 kg devices can be placed on top.

Chase 8 features 12 newton-meters of torque at each axle and over 4 kW of power-over-Ethernet for modern long-range sensors and actuators. Analog sensors can also be converted to Ethernet at each end of the tilt axle and at the top of the stacking pan shaft with H.264.

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