Jiangxi Gemei Sci-Tech Selects Solar Manufacturing Equipment From Spire


Spire Corp. has won a contract from Jiangxi Gemei Sci-Tech Ltd. for a combined solar module and solar cell facility. The order includes a 25 MW module factory and an adjacent 25 MW solar cell factory designed to produce high-efficiency multicrystalline cells.

‘A key marketplace advantage of the Spire turnkey factory is that its design is easily adaptable for vertically integrated manufacturing, and is readily expandable to meet growing demand,’ says Roger G. Little, Spire's chairman and CEO. ‘This gives our customers the ability to buy the capacity they need now without paying an expansion penalty later.’

Jiangxi Gemei Sci-Tech expects that its vertically integrated solar facility will form the cornerstone of a new science and technology-manufacturing center in Jiangxi, a southern province in China. This area is currently home to a number of other solar energy manufacturers.

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