JinkoSolar Announces First Phase Of Environmental Upgrade At Factory Following Spill


JinkoSolar Holding Co. says that Phase I of an environmental safety upgrade at its Haining City, China, manufacturing facility is complete.

Zhejiang Jinko Co. Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of JinkoSolar, conducted an investigation of its temporary waste storage unit adjacent to the manufacturing facility with an independent Chinese Environmental Agency, in response to concerns after a solid-waste spill into a nearby brook last month. The incident set off violent protests at the time.

JinkoSolar says the spill occurred due to unforeseen extreme weather conditions. Fluoride is a highly water-soluble component, and the amount released from the Zhejiang site diluted within days, the company adds.

JinkoSolar believes it has now taken necessary steps to establish appropriate protocols and prevention plans for extreme weather conditions and now imposes regulations that are stricter than the industry standard.

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