JinkoSolar Resumes Manufacturing At Haining Facility


JinkoSolar Holding Co. Ltd. says it has resumed production at its facility in Haining City in Zhejiang Province, China. The Haining facility, one of two JinkoSolar production facilities, suspended production on Sept. 17, after an accident involving suspected leakage of fluoride from a waste storage warehouse into a nearby water channel.

The company adds that it has taken all the steps recommended by a licensed environmental engineering firm, including an investigation of its temporary waste-storage facility.

‘We are expanding our outreach to the communities surrounding our production facilities,’ says Chen Kangping, CEO. ‘We have proposed regular meetings with Hongxiao Village officials to discuss issues of mutual interest.

‘Additionally, we are finalizing our selection of an international environment, health and safety company to perform a full-scale audit of all our facilities,’ he continues. ‘We believe that enhancing environmental performance and improving relationships with nearby communities will lead to increased shareholder value.’

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