JLM Energy Introduces Gyezr Commercial Solar Thermal Collector


Rocklin, Calif.-based JLM Energy Inc., an energy technology company, has released Gyezr, a new family of solar thermal collectors built for commercial applications.

‘Gyezr is the first solar-thermal collector that has incorporated microcontrollers for monitoring and safety into each collector,’ notes Gyezr's Kimberly McCollum. ‘This is a key piece of technology required for large commercial installations.’

The microcontroller is a self-powered, wireless device that can give real-time updates on temperature and performance statistics to a customer over the internet. If an over-or-under temperature is sensed in any of the Gyezr collectors, the microcontroller will take steps to protect the system, the company explains.

The Gyezr also features lightweight, low-profile construction in order to accommodate restrictions posed by a building's structure, JLM Energy adds. It can be scaled for applications such as hospitals and food-processing plants.

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