Juhl Renewable Energy Selected As Lead Contractor For Solar Chicago


Juhl Renewable Energy Systems Inc. has been named as lead contractor for all rooftop installations through Solar Chicago, a new program serving Chicago and several neighboring communities.

Solar Chicago is offering rooftop solar panel installations to residential property owners through Sept. 30 at 25% below market rates through a partnership with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and Vote Solar.

Juhl Renewable Energy Systems partnered with Microgrid Solar and local installation contractors Ailey Solar and Kapital Electric to jointly submit a coordinated proposal in response to a competitive request for proposal solicitation issued by Vote Solar, which is administering the program. A WWF grant is paying for the program.

Juhl Energy's engineering consulting division will support the company's project management efforts with energy modeling, design and installation services. In addition to helping participants determine if solar is a good fit for their home, the team will also offer project financing through Admirals Bank.

‘Solar Chicago provides a new way of tackling the challenge of solar soft costs head on, effectively lowering customer marketing and acquisition cost while reducing complexity for homeowners,’ says Jessie Denver, program director for Vote Solar. ‘The program will also help to bring solar energy into the mainstream in this region, enabling community engagement in local sustainability and economic development goals.’

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