JuiceBox Unveils Lithium-Ion Solar Energy Storage System


California-based JuiceBox Energy has introduced its plug-and-play battery storage and energy management system for solar energy storage.

The company says the JuiceBox system features a 8.6 kWh lithium-ion energy storage system for residential and commercial installations and a system controller that enables peak shifting, electricity demand charge reduction and back-up power for grid independence.

The JuiceBox system is capable of both grid-tied and off-grid operation, and the controller interfaces to a battery-based inverter and the battery management system to ensure intelligent control of charge/discharge cycles and overall safety and thermal management, the company adds. A gateway to a cloud-based repository enables remote monitoring and configuration.

JuiceBox Energy says the system has direct integration to several major inverter manufacturers and supports new and existing solar installations. The product will be available for initial delivery in the fourth quarter, with volume production slated in early 2015.

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