juwi Tests ArrayPower’s Sequenced Inverter


ArrayPower has partnered with juwi to test the performance and energy yield of ArrayPower's Sequenced Inverter in a field trial that was initiated in the third quarter of 2011.

ArrayPower's Sequenced Inverter is integrated with the solar module during the manufacturing process. It converts the DC power produced by solar modules into grid-ready, three-phase AC power, and is designed for the commercial-scale solar market.

juwi installed a 36 kW, 154-module Sequenced Inverter-equipped system in Morbach, Germany. This field trial represents the first system-scale test of ArrayPower's inverter technology outside of the U.S.

The trial is ongoing, and to date the Sequenced Inverter-equipped system has outperformed string-inverter-equipped systems of the same size, according to the companies.

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