juwi To Expand Company Headquarters


As a result of the company's ongoing growth, the juwi group says it is expanding its company headquarters in Worrstadt, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany, after moving to its current premises in the middle of last year.

‘We are planning to take on 250 new personnel across the globe this year alone,’ says Matthias Willenbacher, CEO of juwi. ‘With this new building extension, we are creating workplaces in Worrstadt for an additional 100 staff.’

GRIFFNER, a specialist in prefabricated buildings, has been awarded the contract for the planned office complex, which will be built sustainably in wood. The original juwi complex on the site, housing more than 300 personnel, was also constructed by GRIFFNER.

Primary energy requirements for heat, warm water and electricity for the new building will be met solely from regenerative sources such as wind power, solar power and bioenergy, juwi notes. Additionally, the building's outer shell will be perfectly insulated to avoid unnecessary loss of heat.

SOURCE: juwi

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