KACO new energy Unveils Two New Inverters For North American Market


KACO new energy has introduced two new inverters to the North American market: the transformerless blueplanet 7600M, which features an integrated Tigo Energy Maximizer unit, and the blueplanet XP10U-H4. The inverters are suited for both residential and commercial applications, KACO says.

The blueplanet 7600M is a 7.6 kW single-phase 240 VAC/208 VAC unit that carries 96.5% CEC efficiency. The product will be available in the third quarter.

The blueplanet XP10U-H4 is a 10 kW three-phase 480 VAC transformerless inverter that comes with 98% CEC efficiency and dual MPP tracking. These inverters will be available in the fourth quarter.

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