KACO Presents Powador Inverter


Neckarsulm, Germany-based inverter manufacturer KACO new energy GmbH has introduced the Powador XP350-HV TL, a new modular large-scale inverter with a rated power of 350 kW. The company plans to showcase this product at Intersolar later this month.

CO2-neutrally produced, the three-phase device has a maximum efficiency of 97.8% and can be supplied in a triple configuration as a megawatt power station. Its topology was deliberately conceived without a transformer, KACO says. PV system designers can choose a suitable transformer in accordance with their grid-connection conditions.

‘The Powador XP350-HV TL is also specifically designed for large-scale ground-mounted and roof-mounted PV systems,’ says Matthias Haag, member of the management board and the technical director of KACO new energy GmbH. ‘Large-scale PV systems are playing an increasingly important role in Germany and, in particular, Italy. The U.S. and the Czech Republic also have considerable potential.’

Three Powador XP350-HV TL inverters connected together as a group can achieve an output of 1050 kW. Whereas with previous master-slave connections, the same inverter always took on all the work with low solar irradiance, with the KACO megawatt power station, all three devices are alternately used as the master. This alternating master solution increases the service life, according to the company.

KACO: 49 713238180


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