KACO Solar Announces Zero-Emissions Manufacturing


KACO Solar says it has redesigned all of its manufacturing facilities to reflect a balance of high-quality inverter manufacturing with carbon-reducing and sustainable manufacturing techniques.

All KACO manufacturing takes place in Germany, where the company has direct control over the environmental impact of its operations. KACO's president, Ralf Hoffman, has commented that it is of utmost importance to him and to the company that KACO provide clean energy-producing products made from clean energy.

For instance, components for the company's inverters are sourced from the most environmentally ethical business partners, and KACO uses PV and a combined heat and power facility to provide the warm water and electricity they consume. KACO uses no fossil fuel or nuclear-generated energy to make its inverters.

The company notes that its on-site PV systems now generate over 350,000 kWh of electricity annually, while the facilities use, on average, nearly 300,000 kWh annually.

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