Kansas Governor Introduces RE Incentives


Gov. Kathleen Sebelius, D-Kan., has signed a new bill that modifies the Kansas Economic Revitalization and Reinvestment Act to add certain economic incentives for eligible solar or wind energy projects.

‘To recover from this economic recession, we must look to new industries and new opportunities,’ says Sebelius. ‘Renewable energy companies are a perfect fit for Kansas, as we're the third-best state in the nation for wind energy, and we have a trained and able workforce.’

Under the new law, Senate Bill 108, eligible projects are those relating to the research, development, engineering or manufacturing of a business component or product for either the wind or solar energy industries. An eligible project would also require a minimum of $30 million of proposed investments in Kansas. Additionally, the project would need to employ a minimum of 200 full-time employees within five years, at an average salary of at least $32,500.

SOURCE: Office Of Gov. Kathleen Sebelius

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