Keithley Instruments Launches Lower-Priced SourceMeter Tester Unit


Keithley Instruments Inc., a provider of electrical test instruments and systems, says it has added a new model to its Series 2400 SourceMeter instrument family.

Like all of Keithley's SMU (source measurement unit) instruments, the new Model 2401 SourceMeter instrument is optimized for high-precision test applications, such as current versus voltage (I-V) characterization of photovoltaic cells, the company says. However, this model provides these advanced source and measurement unit capabilities at 20 V and 1 A signal levels and at a lower price than the company's other models.

‘The Model 2401 is priced at $2,995, making it the test and measurement industry's lowest-cost stand-alone source-measurement instrument with a complete set of measurement ranges, features, and programmable operating modes,’ says marketing manager Charles Cimino.

The Model 2401 integrates a highly stable DC power source with a true instrument-grade 5-1/2 or 6-1/2-digit multimeter in a single enclosure, Keithley says. In operation, the Model 2401 can act as a voltage source, a current source, a voltmeter, an ammeter, and an ohmmeter, and provides four-quadrant bipolar and automatic source/sink operation.

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