Kenyon Energy Completes 1.1 MW Project In Florida


Solar project developer Kenyon Energy has completed a 1.1 MW solar array for Darden Restaurants at its Restaurant Support Center (RSC) in Orlando, Fla.

The project, completed in partnership with Tri-City Electrical Contractors, is the largest private rooftop solar array in Florida, according to Kenyon Energy. It is expected to generate enough power to subsidize 15% to 20% of the RSC's annual usage.

The installation features more than 4,400 Solar World 250 W panels, with the majority of panels (3,326) located above the four-story parking garage on a custom steel canopy. The canopy incorporates live vertical panels on the south-, east- and west-facing fasciae, concealing truss webbing and maintaining the overall visual appeal of this facility, while generating electricity, Kenyon Energy notes.

The balance of panels are located on the main building roof at a 15-degree tilt
using a fully ballasted racking system. The entire installation, including canopy
construction, was completed within the mandatory 90-day window of time and within budget.

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