Kepco Unveils New 125-Amp Bipolar Operational Amplifier


Kepco Inc., based in Flushing, N.Y., has added a new high-current model to its 1 kW bipolar operational amplifier (BOP) series. According to the company, the BOP series is ideal for solar cell test and characterization.

The new model, BOP 6-125MG, enables the user to source or sink up to 125 A of current using a single 3U module with accuracy and readback in current mode of 200 ppm.

The unit can perform in current mode-voltage limit, as well in voltage mode-current limit. Up to five units can be operated in parallel, for a source-sink capability of up to 625 A at 0 V to 6 V. Up to three units can be connected in a series for up to 125 A at 0 V 18 V.

Kepco Inc.: (718) 461-7000

SOURCE: Kepco Inc.

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