Kester Introduces Solar Cell Assembly Materials


Kester, an Itasca, Ill.-headquartered supplier of solder and related materials, has launched a line of soldering materials designed for the solar industry.

The new products include the 979T VOC-free no-clean flux, a high-reliability, low-residue flux that is free of solvents and designed for tab attachment. The minimal residues left after soldering are benign and non-conductive.

The 951 alcohol-based no-clean flux and 950E alcohol-based no-clean flux are designed to solder various metallizations with ease. The residues of both the 951 and 950E products are non-tacky, minimal and non-conductive.

In addition, Kester offers solder wires for solar technology assembly. Flux content is available in 2% and 3% concentrations within the wire. There are 275 high-reliability no-clean flux wires available in leaded and lead-free alloys.

Kester: (847) 297-1600

SOURCE: Kester

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