KIC Releases Spectrum Thermal Process Optimization Software


KIC, a San Diego-based provider of automated thermal management tools, has introduced the Spectrum thermal process optimization software.

The solar cell manufacturing industry has long linked higher cell efficiency to the ability to manufacture the solar wafers in the ideal part of the thermal process window. The Spectrum automatically identifies the correct furnace setup that achieves a thermal profile that is positioned within this area of the established process window.

The prediction software uses the information from a single profile pass to evaluate the millions of possible furnace setups. Each possible furnace recipe will yield a profile, and the Spectrum identifies the fit between the profile and the established process window.

Within seconds, the Spectrum can complete an exhaustive ranking and present its recommendation for the furnace recipe (zone temperatures and conveyor speed) that yield the optimal profile, according to the company. The Spectrum is a software-only option for the SunKIC profiler.

KIC: (858) 673-6050


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