KiloVault Launches HLX+ Deep-Cycle Solar Lithium Battery


KiloVault has debuted its HLX+ series of solar lithium batteries – a premium product line that offers the features of the company’s HLX and CHLX series.

KiloVault says key upgrades allow for ease of use and battery bank performance, and premium quality at the same competitive price of earlier models.

“We listened to our customers and, in turn, worked closely with our developers to design a battery that meets their growing needs,” says Andrea Belford, product manager at KiloVault. “With the HLX+ line, we feel KiloVault is going to have a competitive advantage over other lithium brands by packing in the most features into a single form factor.”

The new HLX+ runs hot and cold, so there is no need for the customer to choose between the CHLX and HLX versions – now they have the benefits of both in one battery. Whether they are in very warm or very cold environments, they can be assured of extremely efficient operation.

A push-button LED display shows instantaneous state-of-charge readings, giving a better understanding of the health of the batteries. Also, the optional HLX+ Bridge enables communications between strings of batteries in a bank, providing coordinated charging, discharging and heating cycles. The HLX+ also offers built-in Bluetooth and the KiloVault HLX app for Android and iPhone, providing easy monitoring of battery health and performance.

The HLX+ is designed to be a drop-in replacement for lead-acid batteries in a renewable energy system, providing more energy and a higher cycle count with less weight, the company says.

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Drew Gillett
Drew Gillett
2 years ago

wow not a single number in this pr shill piece