Kipp & Zonen Introduces Tilt Accessory For Pyranometer Kit


Kipp & Zonen, a provider of solar radiation measurement equipment, has developed an accessory that allows users to tilt its CMP pyranometer to a desired angle.

The best way for prospecting and performance measurement is by measuring solar radiation with both horizontal and tilted pyranometers, according to the company. For fixed-angle (non-tracking) PV panels, users must know the energy available within the ‘view’ of the panel. This tilted global radiation is measured using a pyranometer inclined at the same angle as the panel.

Kipp & Zonen's new tilt accessory kit can be fixed to a horizontal surface and has a clear scale in degrees. It also features a secure locking device for easy adjustment of the angle of the pyranometer between a 0-degree and 90-degree solar zenith angle.

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