KLA-Tencor Introduces New Monitor-Wafer Inspection System


KLA-Tencor Corp. has introduced the Surfscan SP2XP, a new monitor-wafer inspection system featuring improved sensitivity to defects on silicon, poly and metal films and an enhanced ability to sort defects by type and size.

‘The Surfscan SP2XP system addresses the need to quickly flag process tools that are generating excessive defectivity, so that the problem can be corrected with minimal wafer scrap, yield loss and market delay,’ says Mike Kirk, vice president and general manager of the wafer inspection group at KLA-Tencor.

Opto-mechanical and signal processing improvements are designed to ensure capture of even the smallest defects on bare wafers, as well as front-end and back-end films. Patented multi-channel architecture and innovative algorithms enable the Surfscan SP2XP system to automatically differentiate defect types, the company says.

KLA-Tencor: (408) 875-3000


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