KMSA Introduces Solar Photovoltaic Reference Cells


Konica Minolta Sensing Americas Inc. (KMSA), a provider of solutions for the industrial measurement of color, light and shape, has launched the AK series of reference cells that can be used as a standard point of calibration to ensure consistent measurements of newly developed photovoltaic cells.

The cells are the products of cooperation by KMSA and the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology. According to the company, the new cells provide KMSA with a platform to promote the photovoltaic measurement and characterization business. KMSA's entry into this new market stems from a $20 million capital investment by Konica Minolta Holdings Inc. and Konarka Technologies to develop and distribute thin-film photovoltaics.

‘Our reference cell is specifically designed to adjust the illumination of solar simulators to achieve standard test conditions,’ says Bryan Bond, photovoltaic business manager for KMSA.

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