Konarka Names Two New Executives


Konarka Technologies Inc. has hired Alessandro Zedda as vice president of materials development. He will lead Konarka's materials and device research and partnerships in developing higher-performing organic photovoltaic (OPV) modules.

For the past decade, Zedda has worked in various roles at Ciba Basel, a global producer of high-value effects for a wide range of products. Most recently, he was head of the company's business printed electronics, responsible for the research and development of printable semiconductor materials based on proprietary low band-gap conjugated polymers and other applications.

In addition, Alex Valenzuela has joined the company as vice president of European business development. With extensive experience in the solar energy market in Europe, he will focus on business development efforts to further expand and deliver the company's patent-protected thin-film solar materials fabricated from OPV into the region.

Valenzuela was previously regional manager at United Solar Ovonic, a manufacturer of integrated rooftop photovoltaics, focusing on development efforts in Spain and Portugal. He has extensive business development and product positioning experience in building-integrated photovoltaics and building-attached photovoltaics innovations for thermal and photovoltaics products.

SOURCE: Konarka Technologies Inc.

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