Konica Minolta Introduces New Photovoltaic Measurement Reference Cells


Konica Minolta Sensing Americas Inc. (KMSA) has introduced its AK Series of new photovoltaic reference cells to the U.S. market.

The AK reference cells are used as a standard point of calibration to ensure consistent measurements of newly developed photovoltaic cells. According to KMSA, the reference cells use optical filter technology to provide high-accuracy measurement for adjusting the intensity of solar simulators used for the evaluation of solar cells, including tandem cells.

‘Our AK Series reference cells are specifically designed to adjust the illumination of solar simulators for amorphous silicon, microcrystalline silicon and crystalline silicon solar cells,’ says Bryan Bond, photovoltaic business manager for KMSA. Initial offerings in the AK Series will include the AK-100 (for amorphous silicon cells), the AK-110 (for microcrystalline silicon cells) and the AK-200 (for crystalline silicon cells).


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