Korea-Based Heavy Hitters Form Partnership Focused on Zero Energy Homes


Q CELLS has signed a memorandum of understanding with Samsung Electronics to strengthen both companies’ strategic cooperation and create synergy in the global residential energy market.

At the crux of the agreement is supporting the growth of zero energy homes by connecting the devices and software platforms of both companies to provide comprehensive energy services. These services include energy generation, energy storage, power consumption and intelligent energy management. Zero energy homes comprise active technology producing energy through renewables like solar, and passive technology using devices that minimize energy losses.

Q CELLS’ role in the partnership is to provide solar modules and energy storage systems (ESS) to customers, as well as Q CELLS’ home energy management system, Q.ONNECT. This combination of hardware and software allows homeowners to collect and manage all data on energy generation, storage and total usage in real time. In addition, Q.ONNECT will provide the optimal ESS operation service based on the expected charging amount data according to the local weather forecast.

This data, when linked to Samsung Electronics’ SmartThings platform, will give homeowners more control to optimize home energy use. SmartThings is Samsung’s open smart home platform that can link to Samsung and non-Samsung devices, empowering users to manage their home appliances from one central hub.

Together with Q CELLS technology, the SmartThings Energy service will give homeowners a clearer view of how energy is consumed by heat pumps and appliances, letting them set up a more sustainable energy management plan.

In addition, the two companies plan to develop business cooperation such as joint sales mainly in the U.S. and Europe, where the residential energy market has matured, as well as domestic and overseas demonstration projects.

Photo: (Left) Hee Cheul (Charles) Kim, CEO of Q CELLS, and (Right) JaeSeung Lee, President and Head of Digital Appliances Business at Samsung Electronics

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