Koyo Thermo Systems Introduces Doping Furnace


Koyo Thermo Systems, a Nara, Japan-based manufacturer of furnaces and ovens for the semiconductor, solar and LCD industries, has launched a new continuous horizontal tube furnace for the POCl3 doping of silicon wafers and crystalline solar cells.

Until now, phosphorous doping of solar cells had to be done in a noncontinuous process in a horizontal tube furnace or in a special conveyor furnace, the company explains. Horizontal furnaces require a large footprint and significant time for loading and unloading. Conveyor furnaces cannot work with doping gas, so they require additional process steps, such as printing a doping paste on the wafers and removing it after thermal treatment.

Koyo Thermo Systems says its furnace has a small footprint, high throughput, low energy consumption and a reasonable price, and that it can help reduce production costs for crystalline solar cells.

Koyo Thermo Systems: (440) 835-1000

SOURCE: Koyo Thermo Systems

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