Krayden Offering Dow Corning Photovoltaic Frame Sealant


Krayden Inc., a silicone supplier that specializes in high-tech-based applications, now offers Dow Corning Solar Solutions' PV-804 Neutral Sealant. This sealant features diverse substrate adhesion qualities, consistent performance and reliability against environmental degradation, according to Krayden.

Used for bonding and sealing photovoltaic module components, the PV-804 caulk sealant is a one-part room-temperature cure and provides long-term bonding and protection against moisture, mechanical and thermal shock, and vibration. This silicone-based sealant features excellent adhesion to aluminum, glass and various laminates, and weathers tough environments, the company adds. It is chemically stable from -50 degrees C to 180 degrees C.

The Dow Corning PV-804 sealant application requires a caulk gun, or it can be tooled using a spatula. Additionally, it has a working time of approximately 10 to 15 minutes when humidity conditions are at 50% and is tack-free in approximately 30 minutes.

Krayden Inc.: (800) 448-0406

SOURCE: Krayden Inc.

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