Krayden Offering ECM Solar Cell Conductive Adhesives, Inks


Denver-based Krayden Inc., a distributor of engineered materials, has introduced Engineered Conductive Materials' (ECM) solar cell conductive adhesives and inks for the solar industry.

ECM SolAg series silver inks and adhesives have repeatedly proven superior in damp heat and thermal cycle aging, according to Krayden. The leading failure modes that limit a PV module's operating life are electrochemical corrosion due to moisture and reduced contact integrity due to cyclic thermal stress.

SolAg conductive inks and adhesives deliver the lowest and most stable electrical contact resistance for silver grid buss lines, ribbon attachment and metal wrap-through in CIGS, amorphous silicon and similar thin-film platforms, Krayden says.

Krayden Inc.: (303) 280-2800

SOURCE: Krayden Inc.

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