KUKA Introduces New Wafer-Gripping Tech


KUKA Systems says it has designed a new line of wafer-gripping products based in on its KR Sixx and Scara robots. These new technologies are slated for introduction this year and were developed in response to the use of increasingly thinner wafers in the PV industry.

KUKA's new technologies include the High Speed Ultra Thin gripper, which is made of carbon fiber to allow simultaneous high-speed gripping and precise position. Integrated multiple vacuum channels ensure firm gripping of the wafers for fast movement and soft holding for accurate positioning, the company notes.

Additionally, a special configuration allows an easy rotation through the center of the cells for placing in cell carriers for wet benches, chemical vapor deposition applications or other settings.

KUKA has also introduced touchless gripping and transport technology for its grippers. An ultrasonic cushion ensures non-contact gripping and avoids wafer warp and vibration.

The company says its Ultrasound Air-Bearing-Technology allows different substrate sizes in one machine and high distances during the picking process. It features low energy consumption as well as a high throughput, as cycle time is less than one second per wafer.

KUKA Systems: 49 8217972483


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