Kyocera Debuts New Finance Option For Commercial Solar Installations


Kyocera Solar Inc. has launched Kyocera Solar Finance, a program designed to provide loan and lease options to consumers seeking light commercial and mid-to-large commercial installations.

In partnership with De Lage Landen Financial Services Inc. (DLL), Kyocera Solar Finance will offer up to 100% financing for qualified borrowers. Based on familiar lease, rental and purchase agreements, Kyocera Solar Finance offers two financing solutions: loans and tax leases, both with distinct advantages.

For projects $10 million and lower, the loan option enables the end user to own the system outright, as well as retain tax benefits and any qualifying local subsidies, Kyocera explains. Starting at $500,000, the tax lease model is a practical structure where an end user hosts the system, directly benefits from the energy produced and rents the system from DLL through the program.

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