Kyocera Introduces New 215 W Module


Kyocera has added a new product to its KD series of photovoltaic modules. The new module, KD215GH-2PU, features a high nominal output, extreme stability under mechanical pressure and an optimized junction box, the company says.

The module achieves a nominal output of 215 W at an efficiency of 14.4% under standard test conditions, according to Kyocera. Compared with the predecessor model, the KD210GH-2PU, Kyocera has again been able to improve the cells, while retaining the same module size, and increase output by 5 watts. The nominal output has a tolerance of +5/-3%.

In addition, the module features soldered joints rather than clamped joints, and thus offers dependable protection against fire hazards, Kyocera says. The junction box meets the requirements of the highest non-combustibility rating of 5V-A in compliance with UL94.

The KD215GH-2PU is scheduled to be available in Germany this spring.

Kyocera: 49 21599180

SOURCE: Kyocera

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