Kyocera Partners With TESSCO On Railroad Solar Power Systems


TESSCO Technologies Inc. has become the official distribution partner for Kyocera Solar Inc.'s new line of standard solar power systems targeted to the railroad market. Kyocera's standard railroad solar power systems, RR 24/7, have undergone recent design enhancements, providing even higher quality, ease of installation and product performance longevity, the companies note.

Kyocera says it developed the RR 24/7 product line to meet the unique demands of the railroad industry. These upgraded systems come as part of Kyocera's market initiative, Sunlight to Service, to provide quality off-grid solutions for the industrial market. Kyocera's solar panels and all components of the RR 24/7 product line are UL-certified, backed by warranty, and specifically designed and engineered to ensure the quality and performance of the product.

Under the distribution agreement, TESSCO will sell Kyocera solar power products through its network of reseller and end-user channels. The pre-packaged railroad solar power systems will include all installation components and a complete documentation package. The partnership with TESSCO is intended to allow Kyocera to provide a growing range of railroad power solutions employing the latest in off-grid photovoltaic solar technology.

SOURCES: Kyocera Solar Inc., TESSCO

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