Kyocera Reduces Solar Cell Thickness


Kyocera Corp. reports that it has reached a new achievement in its solar cell manufacturing process that offers higher efficiency in its consumption of multicrystalline silicon, the essential raw material used to make photovoltaic solar cells and modules.

The new mass-production process allows Kyocera to manufacture solar cells with a thickness of 180 micrometers using the latest advances in silicon ingot slicing and wafer coating. The industry's standard mass-production methods for multicrystalline silicon solar cells yield thicknesses between 200 to 260 micrometers.

The achievement is one element of a broader strategy by Kyocera to more than double its global production capacity for solar modules within the next three years, while minimizing its consumption of silicon, according to Steve Hill, president of Kyocera Solar Inc.

SOURCE: Kyocera Corp.

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