Kyocera Solar Modules Installed At Midway Airport Rental Car Facility


Kyocera Solar Inc. has supplied 25 kW of its modules for a consolidated rental car facility at Chicago's Midway Airport. Installed by Green Power Solutions, the PV system is on the roof of the servicing facility, where hundreds of rental cars are washed and refueled daily.

The PV system supplies about 30% of the facility's needs. Kyocera says it helped Green Power Solutions overcome a structural challenge with a split-seam metal roof by modifying a clamp on the racking system to secure the array.

Green Power Solutions also installed nine wind turbines in conjunction with Midway Airport's green initiative.

‘We're excited to be a part of Midway Airport's 'greening,' and hope this installation serves as a high-profile reminder that solar power is the smart choice for our nation's future," says Kyocera Solar's president, Steve Hill.

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