L.A. County Metro Completes Large Solar System


The Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro) has unveiled what the agency and Chevron Energy Solutions say is the nation's largest solar panel system at a transit facility. The 1.2 MW system is also the largest solar panel installation within the city of Los Angeles.

The 6,720 individual solar panels are located at Metro's Support Services Center in downtown Los Angeles – Metro's central maintenance facility for buses. Along with other energy-efficient improvements, the project is expected to cut the facility's annual $1.1 million energy bill in half, to approximately $550,000.

The project is a public-private partnership between Metro and Chevron Energy Solutions. The $16.5 million project will receive about $6.3 million in incentives from the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power, Southern California Gas Co. and the South Coast Air Quality Management District. The project was financed by Bank of America.

SOURCE: Chevron Energy Solutions

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