LADWP Reports Enthusiastic Response To Reopening Of Incentive Program


The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) says its solar incentive program has received more than 112 applications submitted since the program reopened Sept. 1. More than 80% of the applications submitted are for residential customers.

As of 8:00 a.m. Sept. 6, LADWP customers and solar installers had applied for over $7.4 million in incentives to build 3.25 MW of solar power on Los Angeles rooftops. Customers and installers have submitted 92 applications for residential systems, 15 for commercial, three for governmental and two for nonprofits. Seventeen of the applications submitted so far are for leased systems.

In addition to the 112 applications submitted, an additional 136 applications have been initiated online, but are pending completion and formal filing, LADWP adds.

LADWP plans to provide frequent online updates to show the running total of reservation requests, including the total dollar value and amount of megawatts requested, so that installers and customers will be able to monitor this activity. New rebate requests will be capped at $40 million for the current fiscal year. This will allow LADWP to fund $20 million of rebate requests that were pending when the program was suspended in April, for a total of $60 million in funding this fiscal year, the utility explains.

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