Laing Introduces DC Ecocirc Solar Pump


Laing Thermotech Inc. has released the DC Ecocirc Solar Pump – the first DC spherical motor pump for direct connection to photovoltaic panels with automatic performance optimization using maximum power point tracking.

The Ecocirc solar pump can be used for most circulation pump applications without connection to the power grid. The product can be connected directly to a photovoltaic panel and features a small size, high efficiency, extremely low power consumption and an over-temperature safety shut-off device.

According to Laing, the shaftless spherical motor technology provides a maintenance-free and quiet service life. The only moving part in the spherical motor is a hemispherical rotor/impeller unit that sits on an ultra-hard, wear-resistant ceramic ball.

This pump is suitable for single-family home thermal solar systems or any circulation pump application where conventional power is not available.

Laing: (619) 575-7466


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