Large Solar Plant Goes Online In Ukraine


Austria-based Activ Solar has completed the fourth and last component of the Okhotnykovo solar power plant, an 80 MW project in southern Ukraine.

According to the company and Worldwide News Ukraine, this is the world's fourth largest solar plant (after Sarnia in Canada, Montalto di Castro in Italy and Finsterwalde in Germany). It will produce 100,000 MWh of electricity annually, per Activ Solar's calcuations.

The project was built as part of Ukraine's national Natural Energy project, an initiative launched by the State Agency of Ukraine for Energy Efficiency and Energy Conservation in 2010. It is aimed at producing 2,000 MW of electricity from renewable energy sources and producing enough renewable energy to make up 30% of the Ukrainian energy market by 2015. The country approved a feed-in-tariff program in September 2008.

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