Largest Solar Energy Installation In The Maldives Now Producing Power


The largest solar energy installation in the Maldives has been commissioned, WIRSOL SOLAR AG, the developer of the project, has announced.

The 294 kW PV plant has been supplying power to hospitals and schools on six islands since last week, the company says.

‘As solar radiation here is about 70 percent higher than in Germany, photovoltaics is the central component of the energy turnaround on the Maldives,’ explains Stefan Riel, co-founder of WIRSOL SOLAR AG. ‘It is the first German company which has installed solar systems in the sunny paradise.’

Because power in the Maldives is produced almost exclusively by diesel generators – which are extremely expensive and harmful to the environment – the country has decided to fulfill 100% of its power requirements with renewable energy by 2020.

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