LASC Unveils Chevron-Designed Project


The Los Angeles Community College District (LACCD) has announced a new solar project at L.A. Southwest College (LASC).

The project was designed and constructed by Chevron Energy Solutions and is part of the LACCD's efforts to make its colleges carbon neutral through renewable energy. When completed, the LACCD's projects will comprise one of the largest urban solar generation facilities in the U.S., the district says.

The first phase of LASC's green energy program is expected to save the LACCD $280,000 per year and meet all of the school's electric needs by generating more than 5 million kWh of electricity. The project will consist of two 2 MW arrays mounted atop five carport structures, 1 MW integrated onto building rooftops and 1 MW installed on ground-mounted arrays with tracking systems.

Source: Los Angeles Community College District

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