Lassen Energy Building Hybrid Solar Panels


Lassen Energy Inc., a company currently in the process of a share exchange merger with NATCO International Inc., has raised the necessary funds to build its hybrid solar panel test models. The test models are expected to be completed within a few weeks and will undergo third-party testing. NATCO will verify the panels' power output and performance.

‘This is an exciting time for us and our shareholders, as we anxiously await the outcome of the results from the hybrid solar panels,’ says Raj Gurm, president of NATCO. ‘This solar technology, if proven, has the potential to become revolutionary for the solar industry.’

Lassen's solar panels contain components that combine patent-pending technology with proprietary trade secrets to dramatically improve photovoltaic efficiency, the company says. Lassen also has the rights to construct and operate solar power plants with outputs in excess of 1 MW using these proprietary solar panels. bitqt

SOURCE: NATCO International

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