LDK Solar Signs Multicrystalline Wafer Contracts

LDK Solar Co. Ltd. has signed a seven-year contract to supply multicrystalline solar wafers to Italy-based Helios Technology, as well as a three-year take-or-pay contract to supply wafers to a U.S.-based energy solutions supplier.

Under the terms of the first agreement, LDK Solar will deliver approximately 70 MW of wafers over a seven-year period, commencing in 2009 and extending through 2015. As part of the agreement, Helios Technology will make a prepayment representing a portion of the contract value to LDK Solar.

LDK's contract with the American supplier involves the delivery of approximately 90 MW of multicrystalline silicon solar wafers over a three-year period, commencing next year and extending through 2011.



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