Lehighton Electronics Augments 1800 Series Metrology Systems


Lehighton Electronics, a provider of metrology systems for monitoring the uniformity of ITO, TCO, various thin films and other coatings, says it has added to and enhanced its 1800 Series line of equipment for the characterization of solar cells and flat-panel displays.

Originally designed for the LED and flat-panel market, the enhanced 1800 Series now offers full automation and control and added capabilities to serve a broader range of applications in growing markets.

‘Our advanced 1800 Series systems are ideal for inline integration in the manufacturing of multiple solar products, semiconductors, architectural glass products, automobile glass products, microwave food susceptor products and plastic substrate products,’ says Robert Warren, sales manager.

The 1800 Series implements sensor heads for inline product monitoring, and offers fully automated conveyor models to monitor uniformity of ITO, TCO, various thin films and other coatings on nonconductive substrates. Lehighton offers, as an option on fully integrated models, statistical process-control software to give warning when uniformity or sheet-resistance measurements are out of the desired range for the product line.

Lehighton Electronics: (800) 535-1112

SOURCE: Lehighton Electronics

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