Lehighton Electronics Offers New Electron Mobility Tester


Lehighton Electronics Inc. (LEI) has released the LEI 1605 mobility tester for semiconductor and solar manufacturing processes. The LEI 1605 manually measures electron mobility through a nondestructive contact-less means on a variety of substrates and materials. The LEI 1605 is intended for process development, prototyping, low-volume and small-batch production.

Its manual operation and thus lower cost make it an attractive and practical research alternative to the automatic, more expensive solutions that LEI offers for production volumes, the company says. The LEI 1605 replaces the destructive van der Pauw Hall and parallelepiped or bridge-type methods currently used to achieve electron mobility, carrier density, carrier concentration and sheet resistance measures.

The LEI 1605 provides critical, accurate process control measurements in situ. With this tester, researchers can measure electron mobility after each epitaxial layer deposition, enhancing their ability to monitor specific stages of process control, the company says.

Lehighton Electronics: (800) 535-1112

SOURCE: Lehighton Electronics

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