LG Electronics Bringing NeON 2 Solar Panel To The U.S.


LG Electronics has announced that its NeON 2 solar panel will be available in the U.S. in August and that it is planning to roll out a new solar module in the fall.

The LG NeON 2 is equipped with LG Cello technology, which consists of 12 thin wires instead of three busbars – offering significantly improved performance and reliability over the original NeON solar panel, the company says.

In the fall, LG will also be introducing its Mono X NeON 72, a series of 72-cell solar modules ideally suited for commercial installations.

Two models will be available that are designed to deliver high-efficiency output of up to 360 W and 365 W, respectively, in a 77-inch x 39-inch panel. This new series builds upon the 60-cell Mono X NeON, which uses LG's N-Type double-sided cell structure that allows the light reflected from the rear of the module to be reabsorbed.

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